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You tell me…

You tell me not to show too much emotion, raise my hands, or get too excited.

You tell me that I need to be quiet and still when I am in His presence.

You tell me I should act, think, and speak a certain way in order to be saved.

There are many things you wish I would do, and many things you wish I would be.


But I cannot contain my emotions.

I cannot stop from raising my hands, and jumping up and down.

I cannot stop from being joyful and happy.

I cannot stop from expressing my love for God in the way He allows me to.


And you know why?

Because time was taken to design me and create me.

I was formed by gracious hands; every little detail, from the color of my hair to the size of my feet, I am one of a kind.

Lots of love, tears, and emotion were present at my birth.

I am loved, cared for, and blessed.

I am forgiven, redeemed, and made free.

I am given grace and mercy every single day, every single minute, every single second.

I do not deserve all the attention God gives me, but it comes as part of the package of being who I am, His child.


Sorry if I am not everything you wished for, but I am everything He wished for.

I was not created to please you, but to please HIM!


Therefore I will shout from the mountaintops, I will raise my hands, jump for joy, and celebrate the love and grace given me.

I will laugh, scream, smile, and cry. I can not contain any longer what I feel for the One who gave it all for me.

I cannot keep quiet of all the wonders around me, and all the beautiful works of His hands.

He deserves my praise.

He deserves my all.

He deserves the best I can be.

And if by any chance, I am not able to be the best I can be…

He will cover me with His love, and together, perfect we will be.



I wrote this about 5 years ago and I never published it (not sure why). This clearly states how I feel about God and how nothing will stop me from expressing my all for God!!!

Written on  November 7, 2013


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