You Got This!

For way too long you have been worried about what other people think.

You have been concerned about their opinion of you.

You have gone out of your way to please them….

But it is enough…

You cannot continue living your life based on their perception of who you should be.

You cannot continue pretending you are someone else just so they can be content.

You cannot limit who you are meant to be just so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

You see, there will always be someone who will get upset if you don’t do what they want.

There will always be someone who will feel uncomfortable when you shine.

There will always be someone who cannot comprehend your uniqueness and why God made you this way.

There will always be someone who has an opinion, a critique, a judgment.

Life is too short to live it based on someone else’s perspective, viewpoint, and belief.

Don’t live with regrets.

I know you have the courage to live out your dreams and to be all you are meant to be!

You got this!!!



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