You are created for a reason!

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You are created for a reason!

You are not a mistake.

You are not an error.

You are unique, special, and different for a reason.

You are wired the way you are for a reason.

You see, God made you one of a kind intentionally because He knows the world desperately needs you to be you.

You see, if we all think the same, and view life the same…

We won’t need to experience the blessing of patience, or understand the need for endurance because we will know exactly how the other person thinks. Life will be predictable.

We won’t need to learn how to grow and stretch our views and our ways of thinking, because there won’t be anyone to challenge us and help us see things from a different perspective. Life will be unsurprising and obvious.

We won’t need to understand the true meaning of love and how to love unconditionally because we will be wired the same, thus no need for arguments or disagreements. Life will be tolerable.

If we were all created the same, we wouldn’t understand what it means to be accepted, or experience that life changing feeling of being embraced and welcomed. It would make it hard for us to understand grace and the real meaning of belonging because life would be interchangeable.

God made us different for a reason because through our differences we begin to understand the meaning of love, grace, and mercy.

Through our differences we learn, we grow, and get a glimpse into God’s infinite knowledge.

Through our differences we can encounter God’s vast creativeness and awesomeness.

Through our differences we can begin to experience God’s unconditional, unrelenting, never ending love for us.



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