You are…

Did you know you are amazing?

Did you know that there is no one else like you, no matter how hard they try?

You may think your not pretty enough, or smart enough, or capable enough…. but you are!

You need to stop comparing yourself to other people, stop wishing you were different, and start learning to appreciate who you are. You need to start valuing your uniqueness and be grateful that you are one of a kind.

We hold such high value to things that are limited, things that are rare to find…. can you imagine how much more valuable and treasured you are?

Remember, there will never be anyone else who has your smile, your laugh, who can think the way you do, who can touch another life like you do.

So don’t let another moment pass trying to be someone else… be proud of your quirkiness, your distinctive voice, your incomparable looks, your matchless style, and your unrivaled smile!

Be confident!

Be assertive!

Be You!



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