Would You Still Follow Him?

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Would You Still Follow Him?

Jesus defended a woman who was about to be stoned when it was shameful to do so.

Jesus approached and touched lepers when it was reprehensible to do so.

Jesus healed the sick on the Sabbath when it was unacceptable to do so.

Jesus gave sight to a blind man when it was seen as blasphemous to do so.

Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman in broad daylight when it was scandalous to do so.

Jesus acknowledged the gift of a crying woman in front of religious leaders when it was seen as inappropriate to do so.

Jesus took time with children when it was frivolous to do so.

Jesus ate with sinners when it was deplorable to do so.

Jesus fed thousands of hungry people when it was unwarranted to do so.

Jesus taught to love all people regardless of background and beliefs when it was detestable to do so.

Jesus did not conform to rules and traditions.

He did not abide by the norms of His time.

Jesus always took time for the marginalized, the needy, the rejected, the unacceptable, the abandoned, the ignored, the women, the children, the outcasts, the gentiles, and the sinners. He stood up, spoke up, and acted in behalf of those that needed him most.

Today you would call Him a rebel, a social justice advocate, an influencer, a leader of social issues, a freedom fighter, a change maker, a revolutionary, a champion for humanity.

Today, Jesus would be out of compliance.

Would you still want to follow Him and be His disciple?

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