We have no idea

We have no idea

We have no idea of all the amazing things God can do through a woman.

We have no idea of the full potential of a female who is willing to follow God’s calling, even if it means stepping outside of stereotypical female behaviors.

This is why we need to change the narrative that women cannot lead or preach.

We need to stop thinking we have all the answers and we know who is capable of leading and who is not.

We need to stop being the cause of why many women have never fulfilled their purpose and have not lived the life God has envisioned for them.

We need to stop fearing that a woman will turn into a dictator and tell men what to do, this is not a quality of a good leader, male or female.

We need to stop confining women to complementary, non leadership roles, by insinuating that they were created to fulfill different functions when God is very capable of giving the gift of leadership and pastor to anyone He pleases, regardless of gender.

We need to stop limiting the power of the Holy Spirit to only fit within our finite thinking because we crave sovereignty.

We need to stop usurping God’s power by interfering with His prerogative to use whoever He wants, whenever He wants.

The Samaritan woman would never have had the opportunity to lead and preach if it were up to the disciples. She would have been overlooked and discarded because of her gender, and social status.

She would not have been encouraged or empowered to fulfill her purpose, but rather treated with disdain, and looked upon with confusion, for not being at her house when she should have been.

But I am so glad Jesus took the time to talk with the Samaritan women regardless of the naysayers.

I am so glad He saw beyond her gender and status, beyond the traditional role of a woman, and beyond the checklist of behaviors required of a woman.

Jesus encouraged and empowered her and she preached the gospel and led many to Christ.

Just like God did not need the disciples’ approval or permission to empower the Samaritan woman, God does not need your approval or permission to use anyone, including women, to preach the gospel and to lead people to Him.

We cannot afford to continue to underestimate what God can do through a woman, or anyone else for that matter. There are many people who still need to hear about His love, grace and mercy, and we cannot waste anymore time debating who can and can not lead or preach.

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