Remember Who Called You!

Remember Who Called You!

“For God’s gifts and calling never change” Romans 11:29 


God called and anointed David regardless of human opinion. 

David’s Father did not think God would use him, and only thought of him when there was no other choice.

Prophet Samuel could not see David’s calling. He was more concerned about appearance and stature, for there was no way a young, unsophisticated boy could be the next king.

King Saul wanted to get rid of David because he was more concerned about power and position.  How could he possibly allow a musician to take what was rightfully his?


Regardless of the opinions, beliefs, ideologies, and desires of man… 

God called David

God anointed David

God blessed David

God empowered David 

God loved David and called him a man after His own heart.


There will be people who will forget about you and call you only when they have no one else to do the job.

There will be people who will dismiss you because of your appearance and/or gender and can’t possibly see how God has called you.

There will be people who will want to get rid of you because they can’t see past their own insecurities and the fear of losing earthly power and dominion.

Even though you are being ignored, being overlooked, or feel like you are fighting alone and want to give up, remember who called you.

Remember who anointed you.

Remember who has blessed you.

Remember who has empowered you.

Remember who loves you and will call you a man/woman after His own heart.

Don’t give up!


One day those who left you for last will be boasting how they knew you.

One day those who judged you for being different will say that they always knew you had it in you.

One day those who tried removing you, if they don’t change, will be removed and will finally realize how wrong they were about you and how God had a plan for your life!!!!

Do not allow anyone, that is not God, to determine your calling or discourage you from fulfilling your purpose in this world.

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