Relationship with God

Relationship with God

When it comes to having a good relationship with God I was always told that I needed to pray and read my Bible. Pray every morning, every evening, before every meal, when I went to school, to work… pretty much pray at least 3 times a day, or more… and read my Bible every day and I will be able to have a great relationship with God.

But there were many days when I did not feel close to Him even when I did pray and read my Bible….

And as I wondered why… I immediately thought I wasn’t reading my bible enough or I wasn’t praying enough so I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing my part.

I felt sad because I wasn’t putting God first by praying and reading my Bible as much as I thought I should.

I felt God was not going to listen to me because I neglected to do the things I was supposed to do, what I was told to do, and thus I felt my relationship with Him was not strong enough or good enough.

But over the years I have discovered that I was basing my relationship with God solely on my behavior, on the things I thought I needed to do to feel close to Him. It was all based on how many prayers I made and how much of my Bible I read…. When in reality having a great relationship with God is so much more. It is knowing who He is and truly grasping His love and grace for me above all things.

You see, my relationship with God is not based on what I do but on His unrelenting love for me.



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