No one really knows…

No one really knows…

No one really knows what the day may bring or can predict what will happen next.

No one can confidently foretell if life will last beyond today or how many years remaining we may have.

All that is certain is this moment. This precious moment that is gone in a heartbeat.

This moment that can hold a beautiful memory or remain as a regretful thought.

If you have a moment you regret, take time to forgive and remind yourself that you are not defined by one single moment.

Continue to be that person you envision.

Don’t let any setback or misstep stop you for being all you can be.

You are incredibly awesome and you need to believe it every single day even when you can’t really see it or feel it.

You are amazing and special and there will never be anyone that can do you better than you!



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– Pastor Jose Cortes Jr. Joanne Cortes Jose Cortes 3 Joel Cortes

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