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Message for my boys and boys everywhere!

The other day while watching a news segment highlighting an allegation of attempted rape, I heard a panel of women who seemed like they could be mothers or grandmothers, say the following (See link below).

“Tell me what boy hasn’t done this in high school?”

Being a mother of two boys, one of whom will be in high school next year, I could not hear this and not respond to it.

So here it goes. This is for my boys and boys everywhere…

Boys, don’t believe this lie. This phrase is used to justify, normalize, and reduce the significance of a man’s conduct that is unacceptable, disgraceful, and callous.

Do not fall into the trap of being generalized and confined to behaviors that do not represent you. You are not a scapegoat for other people’s wrongdoings and bad choices.

Do not allow anyone to define you and dictate who you are meant to be.

You are not part of an excuse for disrespectful, abusive, discriminatory, compassionless and exclusive behavior.

Do not feel weird by treating girls with respect even if others mistreat and bully you. Any form of sexual assault is inexcusable and a crime.

Do not think, “go with the flow” or “everyone is doing it” will consider you safe, this only shows you are allowing others to think for you.

You are strong. Use your strength to defend the weak.

You are intelligent. Use your intelligence to create laws against injustice and inequality

You are a leader. Lead with love and compassion to change and influence society

You are courageous. Be bold, fearless, and brave to guide the next generation to know what is right from wrong.

You are influential. Use your influence to change perspectives and mindsets

You have the power that comes with being a male in this society. You can empower women, men, and children to follow their calling and clear the path so they can achieve it.

What you do today, does define who you are.

What you stand for today, will determine the kind of man you will become.

Choose wisely.

Believe you are more than a generalized phrase.

Believe you can be the change this world needs today.

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