Life can get busy…

Life can get busy…

We have super busy lives. My hubby travels a lot and has a busy schedule. I work full time and am working on my Masters. We have two kids, one a teen and the other almost a teen and they both have busy schedules too.

Life can get busy and hectic. It can get crazy and stressful. There are moments when it feels like there isn’t much time for each other so we make sure to take out a little time to spend together and remind each other how special and valuable we are.

There were days, when looking back, that our busy lives caused our relationship to suffer.

We knew our busy lives weren’t going to change but we had to make sure that we became more intentional with the time we had together.

Today, we had a date (without the kids) because we value our relationship.

We made it a priority to take time out and enjoy each other’s company, hold hands, stare into each other’s eyes, speak words of love, and just talk life.

Relationships take time, require work, commitment, affection, patience and dedication, and valuing and embracing each moment together.

It involves scheduling and taking time out for each other, being intentional, and choosing to be an exceptional spouse.

And it always involves and requires lots and lots of love! 💕



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