Let Women Lead

Let Women Lead

The misconception that a woman cannot lead has given many women the option to deny their calling, ignore their potential, and dismiss their purpose in life.

This has resulted in many women unfulfilling their God given gifts, talents, and calling.

Please do not make the mistake of enabling this misconception and denying women their call to follow God in ministry and in a leadership position only because of their gender.

You are not only limiting what they can do, you are also limiting what God can do.

You are telling God to move over because you know women better than He does.

You are telling God that women are not capable of leading because they are meant to have a submissive role even though they are also created in His image and given the same potential as men.

You are telling God you love control and don’t need His input.

You are telling God your sovereignty is greater than His.

Don’t forget, God used Deborah as a prophet and judge for 40 years. The only other people in the Bible who had that same leadership role were Moses and Samuel.

If God found it fitting for a woman to lead in the same capacity as Moses and Samuel, who are we to say they can’t lead?

Please be careful with what you say and what you do. Influencing women to ignore their calling by boxing them in to fit a gender role created by humanity and not by God will be detrimental to the world and to the church.

Begin to empower them and encourage them to accept Gods calling.


God doesn’t limit… God exceeds

God doesn’t confine…. God liberates

God doesn’t restrict… God expands

God doesn’t hinder… God promotes

God doesn’t suppress… God releases you to share with the world how great and loving He is regardless of gender.

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