Let Love…

Let love transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Let love change your meaning of life and fill you with gratitude and purpose.

Let love be the foundation of your perceptions and assumptions, the lens through which you see others.

Let love guide you to discover the wonders found around you that you may have missed yesterday.

Let love instill hope and healing in your heart to be the change the world needs.

Let love lead you towards empathy and compassion to see the hurt in those around you. That you may listen to their cries, acknowledge their pain, and be the one who reminds them of their value and worth.

Let love be the reason you do the things you do and may it ignite the fire that stirs your heart to stand up for what is right.

Let love overpower and conquer any negative or harmful thoughts and actions that may lead to self destruction. Only love has the power to rescue, save, and restore.

Let love grow and overflow that it touches every soul you meet.

Let love penetrate your core and inner being that it transforms and revolutionizes you to see beyond what human eyes can see, to understand beyond human knowledge and thoughts, and to do more than you ever thought was humanly possible.


Love transforms, heals, inspires, renews, restores, strengthens, and gives you the courage to be all you are meant to be.



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