Yesterday I asked my oldest son if he knew what Juneteenth was because I wanted him to know, and to my surprise, he already knew what it meant… a day to celebrate freedom and the ending of slavery.

He also said many people celebrate July 4th but don’t celebrate June 19th when they should and more people should be aware of this important date (he made me so proud!) 💕


My husband and I are intentional in making sure our boys know about the injustices that happen around the world.

We want them to be aware that even though slavery was abolished, there is still discrimination, racism and hatred.

We want them to understand what privilege means and how we must work hard for all of humanity to be treated equally.

We tell them not to stereotype or assume the worst in others when they don’t know the individual or the whole story.

We encourage them to stand up for the defenseless, to speak up against hatred and abuse, to be unafraid to think for themselves and do what is right.

We remind them daily to be loving, accepting, and to always be a promoter of compassion and kindness.

We want them to make it loud and clear, wherever they are, that they will reflect the values of Jesus and His love for all people every single day of their lives.


Our kids see what is happening around the world and they know when something is not right and is unjust.

We should empower them and encourage them to be advocates for love, compassion, kindness, empathy, and hope ❤️


We should instill in them the audacity that they can change this world and make it a better place for all of humanity! ❤️



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