Jesus Loves You!

Jesus Loves You!

If there is one thing you must know today is that Jesus loves you and there is NOTHING that will change that.

Nothing you can say or do will stop Him from loving you. Nothing anyone else says about you will make Him question His love for you.

I know this may be hard for some of us to understand because of our humanity, because we think we must do something or “be someone” in order to be loved, but His love for us is genuine, it is endless, it is infinite.

His love cannot be measured, it cannot be contained, and your mind may not fathom how and why Jesus loves you but all you need to know is that He does.

You see, He loves you like crazy.

He loves everything about you.

He loves your smile, the color of your skin, the color of your eyes, the length and texture of your hair.

He loves the sound of your voice.

He loves how you run and how you walk.

He loves the faces you make when you are surprised, happy or upset.

He loves it when you get back up after failing because He sees your perseverance, and your strive to do more and be more.

He is proud to see how you are always finding ways to create and discover new things because He knows you are reflecting a part of who He is to the world.

If you cannot believe that He loves you… you may begin to see Him as someone who does not want what is good for you, someone who doesn’t care for you, and someone who does not love who you are.

Don’t question His love for you… believe it.

Don’t limit His love for you just because you can’t understand it… His love for you is out of this world.

Don’t make excuses or give reasons as to why He shouldn’t love you… He just does.

He loves you!

Jesus loves you!



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