It’s Monday!

It’s Monday!

It is Monday! A beautiful day to be you!

Many people dread this day and begin the day (the week) sad and unmotivated. They dwell on the fact that it is time to go back to work but forget that it is another day God has given us to be all He created us to be.

You see, you are alive today!

You are blessed with time to be all you can be.

Time to love and be loved.

Time to enjoy the small things like a cup of coffee or tea.

Time to smile and make someone’s day.

Time to laugh until your belly hurts.

Time to make memories that you can cherish tomorrow.

Time to be kind and compassionate.

Time to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Time to inspire the child who sees you to believe they are capable of so much more.

Time to influence your sphere to stand up and speak up against injustice and hatred.

Time to read and increase your knowledge.

Time to enlarge your perspective and how you view life.

Time to make new friends and be touched by someone who is different to you.

Time to be grateful for another day, another hour, another minute.

Time to be who you are meant to be unapologetically.

Don’t spend Monday complaining and fussing over how awful it is, be intentional and change your mindset, your perspective and view each day, including Monday, as a gift to be all you are meant to be! ❤️



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