I am sorry…

I am sorry…

My Muslim brothers and sisters…

I am so sorry for what happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, for the many precious lives lost, my heart breaks for you.

I am so sorry there are many families who are hurting, who will never be able to say “I Love You” again, and who will never be able to hug and hold their loved one, one more time.

I am so sorry you have to live in fear for being who you are, when some people are free to express themselves because of their privilege.

I am so sorry that there are some people who have been conditioned to feel threatened by anyone who looks different and does not fit into their mold, so they choose to hate and reject without ever giving you a chance, without ever trying to get to know you.

I am so sorry some people believe they are superior because of the color of their skin, their beliefs, and where they were born. They think this gives them the right to discriminate, reject, and hate, when there is nothing that will ever justify bigotry, prejudice or mistreatment of anyone.

I will stand up for you and speak up for you.

I am not here to change you but to love you just the way you are.

Any form of hatred or discrimination should not exist in our world and I will continue to fight for love and compassion every single day.

I will teach my kids to love and respect you.

I will teach them to see your value and your gifts.

I will teach them to be an influence of love, hope, and peace wherever they may be.

If I call myself a Christian, a follower of Jesus… the least I can do is love you for who you are, not for who someone else thinks you should be.

I pray God will give you comfort and strength.

May He bless you and protect you.

May His face shine on you.

May He give you his favor and give you His peace.



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