God will never…

God will never…

God will never force you to fulfill your purpose but will empower you to achieve it.

He will never hinder you from reaching your full potential but will encourage you and cheer you on.

He will never stop you from going outside the box, outside the norms, but rather is pleased when you do so you can learn to depend on Him.

He will never confine you to a gender role but inspire you to be more than you think is possible.

He will never punish you for not conforming to His will but will continually love you regardless of your decisions.

He will never expect you to comply perfectly but will walk beside you in the good times and bad times.

He will never pressure you to be obedient and look the part but will give you the freedom to figure things out while remaining close to you

He will never refuse your gifts but will be excited and eager to receive them because they come from you.

He will never reject your willingness to serve because of gender, background, color, or socio economic status, but looks forward to partnering with you in reaching people through love, kindness and compassion

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