God listens…

God listens…

In the Bible there are many people who were far from being perfect, and would never seem like they could have a close relationship with God, or that God would listen to them.

People, whom to many of us would appear as not spiritual enough, or as not having a lot of faith because they do not fit the mold we’ve created of what a spiritual person looks like.

But you see, regardless of how they appear to us, God still listened to them, took time out for them, acknowledged them and stood up for them.

The centurion was not a religious person, yet Jesus was amazed at his faith, listened to him, and granted him his request of healing his servant.

King David did many things that go against our morals and values, yet God knew his heart.

Queen Esther did not grow up going to church and singing Christian songs and reading her Bible, yet God chose her to save his people.

The woman caught in adultery was put on display for all to see her and judge her for her mistakes, yet Jesus stood up for her and loved her.

There are many stories in the Bible of people who’d be considered by many Christians today as unreligious, not spiritual enough, or too “worldly.” People who wouldn’t even be considered for a position in the church because they don’t appear as knowing enough Biblical prophecy or having memorized enough scripture.

People who God could not possibly listen to… yet He did and does.

We have been conditioned for too long to think that for God to listen to us is dependent on our church attendance, our knowledge of the Bible and prophecy, our way of praying in public, our “reverent” demeanor in church, and the kind of movies and music we listen to.

We think God only listens to us based on the “spiritual” checklist created by humans.

It is time we start realizing that God listens to us because He loves us… period.

He listens to us not because of what we do, how much we know, or how well dressed we appear…. it’s because of who we are to Him. We are His child and nothing we do or say, or anybody else for that matter, can change that.

God listens to us because His world revolves around us, we are the apple of His eye, the center of His joy, the pearl He cherishes with all His heart.

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