Girls… there are no limits. You can be anything you want to be.

Never allow anyone to tell you, you can’t do something because you are a girl. They are just afraid of everything you are capable of.

Do not let their limited vision, and conditioned thinking, stop you from reaching your full potential and going beyond what they think is possible for you. You are more than just a pretty face… you are strong, courageous, and intelligent.

There will be many that will try to stop you, and say “girls are fragile and too emotional”, and “can only do certain things”, but you will ignore them and move past them because you believe in a God that made you a girl with endless possibilities.

A God that has no boundaries, no limits, no boxes.

A God that gives girls the same strength he gives boys.

A God that loves girls and knows the world cannot function without them.

A God that does not see gender but someone willing to be used by Him.

Like the girl who was rejected by many yet risked her life to save 2 men (Rahab – Joshua 2)

Like the fearless girl who protected her little brother from being killed (Miriam – Exodus 2:4-8)

Like the girl who grew up to be a judge, prophet, and warrior and led her people to victory and peace (Deborah – Judges 4&5)

Like the orphan girl who became Queen and boldly saved her people from destruction (Esther)

Like the girls who grew up to be financially wealthy and helped support the ministry of Jesus (Joanna, Susanna & others – Luke 8:3)

Like the girl who loved Jesus so much that she became an apostle and led many to Christ (Junia – Romans 16:7)

Each one stepped outside of their cultural boundaries and patriarchal society norms to be used by God. They were fearless, bold, determined, committed, and unafraid because they believed in a God that created the universe and holds the earth on nothing.

God will use you to help change the way people think of what girls are capable of. To show them girls are tough and loving at the same time.

So dream big, so big that it begins to scare you and may even cause you to doubt your potential. You got this girl!

I believe in you! .

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