Don’t limit your relationship with God…

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Don’t limit your relationship with God…

We are blessed to have the Bible so easily accessible to us and it is a great way to read and learn about Jesus, but I also know that we do not only KNOW GOD by reading the Bible (this is only one way of knowing Him). You see, God is not only limited in revealing Himself through the Bible, He also reveals Himself through nature, through other people, through different life circumstances, through ways we cannot fathom or understand.

Throughout history many people did not have access to a Bible like we have today, and there are many people throughout the world who cannot read or see, yet are still able to know God and have a relationship with Him.

Prayer is a beautiful way to talk with God, but we cannot limit ourselves to only this means of communication or as the only basis for having a relationship with God. I love that we can talk with Him at any moment, whether standing, kneeling, sitting, walking, running… any position… and He is right there ready to hear us. But I also believe our relationship with God grows, not only when we talk with Him in prayer, but when we take time to talk to our neighbor, to those who are neglected, hurting, and lonely. When we listen to those who need to be heard, who are depressed and anxious.

For many years we were taught that a relationship with God happens when you pray and read your Bible, but we have been limiting how God works and how a relationship with Him is defined. We continually box ourselves in and try to define God in ways that make sense to us, but He is so much bigger, He is immensely creative, and so unpredictable, and He loves to reveal Himself in ways that at times make no sense to us.

You see, I believe that when we make time to be there for others, and build relationships with them, it is just like talking with God, spending time with Him, and getting to know Him better.

When you love people who are different, and when you show compassion and empathy to them, you are not just doing something nice for them, you are revealing who God is and igniting within them a desire to have a deep connection and a meaningful relationship with God who is at the center of all human relationships.

We should never forget that God tells us ““whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40). Our relationship with God is revealed in how we treat others and in our relationship with them. It is interconnected. You cannot have one without the other.

For example, I love my husband and for us to have a great relationship, we need communication and I must take time to get to know him. But if I ignore and neglect our kids, I mistreat them and always tell them how horrible they are… don’t you think this will affect my relationship with my husband?

You cannot have a healthy relationship with God when you mistreat others. You cannot have a strong relationship with God when you reject others. You cannot have a relationship with God if you are not willing to have a relationship with His children. The way you treat and interact with others, is a window into your relationship with God.

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