Beside Every Great Woman

Beside Every Great Woman

Beside every great woman is a great man.

A man who encourages and inspires her to be the best she can be.

A man who believes she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to.

A man who is not afraid of what others think, because he knows how important and valuable it is to empower her to be all she is meant to be.

A man who will not box her in and oppress her, but give her the freedom to follow her dream by encouraging her, believing in her, and expecting nothing less of her.

A man who is honestly interested in her fulfilling her purpose and not only concerned of fulfilling his own.

A man who is secure in whom God made him to be and desires her to feel that same security and assurance.

A man who believes in an infinite God, who is limitless in power and strength, and who is most definitely able, in using her, to do so much more than society thinks she can do.

A man who knows that being great is not about how successful he can be on his own, but about her achieving success as well because he values her gifts and intelligence and knows she is called to influence and impact the world too.

A man who loves her so much that he cannot and will not let her be any less than God envisions for her to be.

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