Being Kind is Cool

Being Kind is Cool

Being kind is cool!

I remember over a year ago when many amazing and beautiful ladies came by our home bringing food and love after I had an operation. Knowing I wouldn’t really be able to cook and needed rest, they took time from their busy lives to make sure me and my family had something to eat. I am forever grateful for their kindness towards me and my family!

Do you remember a time when someone was kind to you?

Being kind does not mean you are weak or insecure.

It means you are not self absorbed, conceited, and indifferent.

It means you are aware of your surroundings, you are willing to take time for someone else, and you see value in your actions while expecting nothing in return.

Kindness does not require much yet it is a much needed ingredient for humanity to thrive.

Find ways to be kind today. Not only will you bless those you are kind to but you will begin to discover who God made you to be! An amazing person ready to impact this world with love and kindness.



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