Being a girl…

Being a girl…

For many years to make a boy feel bad you would call him a girl, or you would say he is weak like a girl, runs like a girl, emotional like a girl, sensitive like a girl, or clueless like a girl.

It’s as if to say that being a girl was not a good thing because it meant you were not tough or strong, you had no control over your emotions, you were fragile and breakable, and not too smart.

For too many years the word “girl” insinuated weakness, emotional instability, incapable of anything hard, unable to think for self, and just a word to describe someone not able to do much.

And unfortunately this thinking has led many women to believe they are not strong or capable. To assume they can only follow and not lead. To conclude that they are limited in what they can do and thus expect less of themselves. To think that their purpose in life is to comply to a gender role if not they are worthless.

This demeaning thinking has gone on for far too long.

Anytime someone wants to make a boy feel bad by calling him a girl… stop them and don’t allow it.

Anytime someone tries to undermine a girl and make them think they are not capable… stop them and don’t allow it.

Anytime someone refers to a girl as too emotional and unstable… stop them and don’t allow it.

Anytime someone states that girls have gender roles to adhere to and are created to behave a certain way… stop them and don’t allow it.

Girls are created in God’s image just like boys and are given just as much strength, intelligence and wisdom.

They are not created to be a complement or a side kick to anyone.

They are filled with the same Holy Spirit to lead, impact, and change the world.

They are anointed and uniquely made to be all God created them to be…. not a stereotype or insinuation which misrepresents who they are.



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