Be careful…

Be careful…

The moment we are unable to do something Jesus would do, just so we can remain a distinct church… we are in trouble.

Let us be careful not to be so concerned about being distinct that we become irrelevant and out of touch with the reason we exist as a church.

Jesus wasn’t more concerned about being distinct in his dress, or diet, or taste of music but distinct in the way He treated people.


He showed love in the midst of hatred.

He showed grace when no one deserved it.

He showed mercy to the most unworthy.

He showed kindness to the less unfortunate.

He stood up for the defenseless.

He spoke up against discrimination.

He mingled with the outcasts.

He was unafraid to be seen with the rejects.

He was compassionate and empathetic.

He loved sincerely and unconditionally.

He valued people more than His life.


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