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100 Days of Thanks & Praise

Sometimes we go through life so focused and determined to complete our tasks, reach our goals, and achieve our dreams, that we don’t stop to take notice of all the blessings along the way. We don’t, as they say, ‘stop and smell the roses’. When someone asks us how God has blessed us, we usually respond with the same answers: family, loved ones, health, and life. But I want to look deeper, I want to see more, I want to realize the way my life is blessed, and I want to thank God for it.

I am determined, for the next 100 days, to write down reasons why I am thankful and why I praise God. I really want God to open my eyes to see the little things, the details, of His gracious love for me.

Why don’t you join me for the next 100 days. I will be posting my thanks & praise on my blog, and you can write them down in a journal, notepad (on paper, iPhone, iPad..etc) why you are thankful and why you praise God.

Believe me, this is going to help us see how blessed we are and learn to appreciate the things we have. Together we can discover the goodness and beauty of our Lord!


This is going to be life changing!


Believe . Love . Live



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