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Will you take a risk?

I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish. Esther 4:16

I was writing and talking to this man for about 3 months. We knew each other well, but we had not seen each other face to face. We spent many moments on the phone, emailing and writing letters. The time had come to travel to another country for the first time, by myself, to meet this person. I was nervous. I had never gone so far on my own, but I had to take a risk. I needed to know if this was the man God had for my life.

One year and a half later, we were married, and have been for the last 11 years. Jose and I now have 2 beautiful children, Jose III & Joel. As I look back, I thank God that He gave me the courage to be able to travel half way around the world on my own. He was with me all along, and I now know that by taking a risk of leaving my country, I became victorious! I am living the life God had dreamed for me!

Are you willing to take a risk to be victorious? To live the life God wants you to live?

Esther was willing to take a risk, she was willing to perish so her people could be saved. As a result, she became victorious, her life was spared and the Jewish nation overcame.

David risked his life by playing his harp for King Saul, whom he knew wanted him killed. But he trusted God, and he became the next king.

Joseph risked his life by refusing to accept the invitation of Potiphar’s wife. He was faithful to God and God was faithful to him. He then became the most powerful man in Egypt, next to Pharaoh.

Mary was willing to give her life to be the mother of Jesus. She risked losing Joseph, her soon to be husband, and having many that would frown upon her for having conceived before marriage. Because of her selflessness, we have Jesus, our Saviour!

Jesus risked coming to this earth, leaving heaven so He could give His life for you and me. He gave it all. As a result, He resurrected and now we have salvation through Him, Jesus Christ!

How much are you willing to risk to be blessed?

Are you willing to risk being ridiculed for being a virgin in order to be blessed with a wonderful spouse and home?
Are you willing to risk losing your, so called “friends”, to give up drugs and live a clean, healthy life, so you can be sober and be successful, without being dependent on what could ruin your life forever?
Are you willing to risk others thinking you are crazy because you worship God and aren’t afraid to do so, knowing it will please God?
Are you willing to risk having eyes with disgust look at you, for extending your hand, giving a hug and showing God’s love to a homeless, a leper, someone with aids, a person that is terminally ill, because God say’s “When you did it to the least of these, you did it unto Me”?
Are you willing to risk your job in order to be faithful, for the Lord will bless you for trusting in Him?

Don’t be afraid, have courage and take a risk. God has many wonderful things for you, all you have to do is take a step out of your comfort zone. Take a step toward the victorious life He has for you. Take a risk and trust God that all things will work together for you, who trust in Him.

Prayer: God, Thank you for risking Your life for me, because of You, I am saved.
Help me take a risk, give me courage and strength to do what pleases you because I want to live a victorious life! Amen.


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