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Sharing Love is Endless

Plants must rely on the many different creative ways for them to produce new plants. They can’t only rely on “one way’ for pollination to occur.

The bee doesn’t go around saying “My way is the only way pollination works”

The wind doesn’t say “I am responsible for transferring the seeds from one flower to the next, my way is the way”

The bird doesn’t say “No, it’s my way, I’m responsible for the lifecycle of plants”

In God’s creative vastness, He knew plants would need as many different avenues and means of pollination to reproduce. He did not only rely on bees, He allowed anything and anyone to be a part of the process of continuing to fill our earth with beautiful plants and flowers.

The same is true with love and people.

God needs each one of us to share His love with others. There is no specific way of sharing His love and He’s not interested in everyone sharing love the same way.

God desires to reach as many people as possible and for that to occur we all need to share His love in our unique and different ways.

Not everyone is comfortable giving a hug, but they can give a smile.

Not everyone can preach in front of crowds about God’s love, but they can share a sandwich with someone who forgot their lunch.

Not everyone is able to go to a shelter to feed the homeless, but they can give a compliment and encourage someone who may be having a bad day.

Not everyone can afford to buy a new toy for a needy child but they can give of their time and play soccer with a group of young kids.

Not everyone wakes up motivated to change the world but they can hold open a door for someone.

Love is expressed in so many ways. There’s no “right way” or “one way” of sharing love.

We will never be able to write down or express all the ways love can be shared because just when we think we’ve thought of all the possibilities, God comes up with another way.

We’ll never be able to grasp how God works. His immense creativity and imagination is unfathomable to us.

To limit people in the way they share God’s love is like eliminating the pollinators that allow plants the possibility of fulfilling their purpose – an essential ecological function.

To force people to do things only one way displays our distrust and disbelief in an all-powerful God who is very capable of doing anything.

Allow God to use you in as many different ways as possible.

Allow God to use others how He desires even if you can’t comprehend why.

Allow God to do what He does best… be GOD

Today, find as many ways possible of sharing love and then you’ll discover you have “barely scratched the surface.”

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