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One Bad Note

ID-10026071Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. Psalm 139:23,24

In music, one bad note can ruin the whole chord.
A singer can become nervous losing confidence and control of their voice if they sing a wrong note.
When a group is singing, the person that is not in tune, can totally throw off the whole song, and what you remember is that inharmonious sound.

One bad note, or one mistake can make a huge difference.

Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world. They had all they needed. God gave them authority over every living creature. But they made one mistake. One decision that cost them greatly. Not only did it affect them, but every human that came after them.

David fell in love with Bathsheba. He made one mistake. He made her his woman, knowing she was married. This caused him to make many more mistakes including killing her husband. As a result they lost their child.

Samson fell in love with a Philistine woman. The one mistake that cost him his life, was revealing to her the secret of his strength, something God had requested him never to do.

Abraham was getting old, he knew God had promised him and Sarah a son, but it was taking too long so he took it upon himself to have a child with his maid. This one mistake has caused the biggest rivalry ever to be known, the one between the Jewish and the Arabs.

Moses was getting frustrated with the Israelites. He had been trying to lead them out of Egypt for a long time and all they would do is complain. They were thirsty and God told Moses to hit the stone once and water would come out. His one mistake was to get angry and hit the stone more than once, this cost him the chance to enter the promised land.

One bad note, one mistake, can lead you down the wrong path but it can be corrected and sound just right.

Adam and Eve suffered for their mistake but Jesus came to correct it.
David knew he did wrong, God forgave him and gave him another son, king Solomon.
Samson asked God for forgiveness, he was forgiven and his strength returned killing all the Philistines that had tortured him.
Abraham learned from his mistake to trust in God and he became the father of the nations.
Moses, knew he did wrong, was forgiven and although he never made it into Canaan, God took him to heaven.

We all make mistakes but the key is to be honest, take responsibility for your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. God LOVES us more than anything. He knows we will stumble and fall. He knows we will make bad notes along the way. But he is willing to help us out, forgive us and keep us in tune. We are all part of the greatest symphony on earth. The symphony of love and forgiveness. LIVE today knowing you are making great music with the greatest composer of all time!


Prayer: Lord, You are the Conductor of Love and Forgiveness. I know I will make bad notes and sing out of tune, but I also know You are there to forgive me, lend me a hand and bring me back in tune with love. We will make awesome music together. Amen.


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