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Joannesinging16Singing is something I have always loved doing. I remember as a shy little girl, I would sing many times alone in my room, I would sing in my head, I would sing loudly while my face was facing the wind out the car window while my dad was driving (thinking no one could hear me 🙂 ), and singing at church with my eyes looking up at the ceiling because I was too shy to look at anyone staring at me while I sang.

At times, when asked to sing at church, I would make mistakes, forget some of the words to a song or sing a wrong note. It would be so embarrassing knowing I sang out of tune or that I messed up, it felt awful 🙁  I would become so concerned of the minor mishaps, that no matter how blessed someone would tell me they were, it did not matter because I knew I had messed up, I knew I made a mistake and sang out of tune.

Joannesinging21One thing I remember though, is that no matter how bad I thought I did, I never ran back to my seat in the middle of the song. I did not stop half way through the song and say ‘that’s it, I’m done, I can’t do this’. I continued. I pressed on. I continued singing. I moved forward. I made it to the end.

The bad notes and forgotten words did not stop me from singing. I actually began to sing more and more. I wanted to sing better, I wanted to remember the words, and to have the courage to look at people while I sang. I wanted to share the talent given to me. Slowly, I began to see how God was using me with the gift He had given me. I learned how to worship Him in midst of bad notes and awkward moments. I learned to enjoy my time singing to Him and not focus on the mishaps. I learned that it is not about me but about Him!

Today, I love praising and worshiping God. I love leading people in worship, in singing, and showing them that at times, not all notes will be perfect, but God is ok with that. He is more concerned about where your heart is than about every perfect note.

Joannesinging9As I look back at 2013, I know there were a few mishaps along the way. I know I did not keep all my resolutions for the year – exercise and eat healthy everyday; pray and read my Bible every morning; speak softly and be a great example to my kids at all times; be extremely loving with my hubby; be disciplined, organized, and keep a schedule… and so, so many things I wished I could have done better.

But you know what? At times it will not be perfect and along the way things may happen that can make life hard, but I have learned not to give up! This year, I did not stop moving forward because I did not accomplish all the things I wanted to, I kept going and I focused on the many blessings given to me. I learned to enjoy the special moments in life and cherish the time with loved ones. I realized, ‘Yeah, I could have done better, but I am not done yet 🙂 with God’s help, I know I can do it!’.

Joannesinging6I have learned that life is a journey, and at times it will have bumps along the way, (forgetting words to a song) and sad moments that can make it seem long and lonely (wrong and out of tune notes). But  just like singing, it is ok to make mistakes, what is important is to not give up half way, to stand strong knowing that we have an awesome God, and to learn how to ‘smell the roses’, enjoy the blessings along the way. I have learned that life is beautiful (just like a song) when you know what it is all about and ‘Who’ it is about. I have learned that life is short and I am here to be a blessing to those around me – it is not only about me.

For 2014, my desire is that I will:

  • cherish the goofy moments
  • smile at the awkward times
  • laugh till my belly hurts
  • be grateful in all things
  • look for the best in everyone
  • show compassion at all times (no matter how hard it may be)
  • Joannesingingbe ok with the few bumps along the way and know I am being guided by an awesome God
  • sing till I have no voice
  • learn from the bad and sour notes
  • use words that encourage and uplift
  • be present and enjoy the moment
  • worship at all times
  • ‘smell the roses’ – enjoy and be grateful for God’s Blessings
  • and above all – LOVE like there is no tomorrow!


Lord, I know that life is a journey and there will be a few bumps along the way, but I know it is also filled with many wonderful moments. Open my eyes to always see the many blessings and gifts You have given me. Teach me to enjoy and cherish special times with loved ones. Show me how to love like You love and may I never forget what my life is about. My life is beautiful because it is about You, and not about me. – Amen.


“But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead… I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” ~Phil. 3:13-14


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