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I Am So Glad!

smile3When I read about Jesus I can’t help but define him as love. Love in its purest form. Love without selfish desire. Love that hurts when others hurt. Love that sees a need and fills it. Love that is the foundation for every action and word spoken. Love the synonym for Jesus.

As a follower of Christ my desire is to be more like Him, to love like He loves, to love unconditionally.

Today as I remember what Jesus did for me and for you, on the cross, I am so glad!

I am so glad Jesus was not afraid of getting hurt for loving me.
I am so glad Jesus did not think it was unfair to leave heaven to come to this earth to die for me because He loves me.
I am so glad Jesus did not only love those close to Him or felt uncomfortable when he was around people that did not think or act like him.
I am so glad Jesus did not think He was better than me or too good to give up His life for me.
I am so glad Jesus believes in unconditional love and is not waiting for me or for you to love Him first.

Thank you Jesus for your amazing love!


Lord help me love like you love. Let me see how special each person is and learn to value and respect them. Take away my fear of being hurt. Take away my thoughts of what is fair and unfair. Take away my complacency and stretch me in learning to love all people. Take away my pride and humble me. Take away my personal beliefs of what love should be and teach me to love unconditionally like you love.



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