Highlights of 2013

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Highlights of 2013

Thank you Lord for 2013!

What a wonderful year full of blessings!

 Highlights of 2013:

  • Jose & Joel were baptized!!! As parents, we are so proud that our kids made the best decision of their life. Continue to guide and bless them Lord, may they always be a disciple and an example of Your love.
  • Preached a sermon for the first time in my life. Thank you God for using me – never, ever stop doing so 🙂
  • Joel read a complete book all by himself!!! yeah!!!
  • Jose III played in a little league for the first time – He did awesome!
  • Jose recovered well from his hernia repair surgery. Thank God for protecting him during and after the procedure.
  • Met wonderful friends that were part of the One Year in Mission (OYiM).
  • Compassion Rally in New York. Awesome to see thousands of youth, young adults, and adults unite to march across the Brooklyn bridge to share ‘Compassion’.
  • Compassion Boston – A beautiful day when many youth & young adults gathered to share love and compassion, giving out hugs and roses, and praying for those that lost loved ones that during the Boston marathon bombing.
  • Hugging a young girl (runner) when she was crying at the Boston Marathon bombing site.
  • Compassion Back to school Bash – So many kids do not have everything they need to go back to school, this day was dedicated to give out Compassion backpacks filled with school supplies, a water bottle, a t-shirt, and candy, to kids in Far Rockaway, NY (those affected by Storm Sandy). What a blessing it is to give.
  • Compassion Bermuda – Loved seeing Compassion spread all over the world. We had a wonderful time sharing Compassion in Bermuda!
  • Went back to school to complete my degree – finally taking some time to continue my degree
  • Began my personal website!!! Please Lord, let me be a blessing to everyone that reads my blogs 😉
  • Traveled to Australia – I am so grateful God for being able to go back to Australia (home) after 5 years with my hubby and kids. It was great seeing Mum & Dad, and so many family & friends and to be able to share so many wonderful and special moments. We had an amazing time!!!! Loved this trip so much 😀  I am also very blessed and thankful to God for the chance to see my cousin Belinda again after 22 years and meeting her beautiful family. Thank You God for the opportunity to see my aunty Olive and uncle Barry again after 24 years. They look great!  We also were able to visit the gravesite of my grandparents and let my kids know a little about them. And also thank you for being able to see my Grandfather Victor and celebrating his 90th birthday with him. I love him heaps!!!
  • Brother’s Graduation – Proud of my brother and that with God’s help he finished school. He is now a pastor and employed in South Queensland Conference.
  • Thank for your the blessing of seeing my friend Cheryl. You know what she is going through at the moment, please continue to strengthen her and bless her. She is an inspiration!!!!
  • And every special moment with loved ones together with all the wonderful blessings You have given us along the way!!!!!

Can’t wait what 2014 will bring!!!! Thank you LORD!!!!!


Check out some of the pics below 😀

xoxo <3





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