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ID-100111859We are all beautiful and wonderfully made. We are all unique and special. Beauty lies deep within our souls and it shines out like a radiant light, a light given by God’s love, grace, and mercy. We can all attain beauty, a beauty that never dies, a beauty that comes from heaven above.

God desires for us to be healthy. At times, good health is not on our side, but we can try to be the best we can, with what we have.
God has given us counsels on how to have good health. Together we can discover ways to be healthy, ways to take care of the body God has given us.

Health & Beauty go hand in hand.
You can have all the beauty (inner and outer) in the world, but without health it will only last so long.
You can be the healthiest person on earth, but if you do not have inner beauty, what difference does it make if you are not shining God’s light brighter to help someone for the better.


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