Don’t let the Illusions of your Assumptions stop you from Reaching out

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Don’t let the Illusions of your Assumptions stop you from Reaching out

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. – Proverbs 18:2

Sadly, many christians that supposedly know God find it very hard to build relationships with others because they allow their assumptions to get in the way. They allow their illusioned perception (if you can say that) to interfere with actually getting to know someone for who they really are.

I truly believe that if we really want to reach out we need to stop assuming things of others if our desire is to be genuine disciples of Christ.

Jesus never assumed that the whole world would love and accept Him just for leaving heaven and dying on a cross, but He did it anyway even though He knew many would reject Him.

Jesus never once assumed that the disciples were ready to follow Him, yet He called them.

Jesus never once assumed that Mary Magdalene could not tell the world of His resurrection, that’s why He asked her.

Jesus did not assume Nicodemus knew everything since he was an important leader and teacher of his time, that’s why He took the time to talk with him about the gospel.

Jesus did not assume that the woman at the well could not understand theology, that’s why He spoke with her and shared the good news knowing she would share it as well.

Jesus did not assume that people would think He was weak for giving too much kindness. Giving love and kindness was more important than what others thought of His strength that’s why He gave it.

Jesus never assumed anything about anyone without approaching them, talking with them, healing them, and getting to know a little of their story.

He did not mistreat anyone just because they did not look the part. He did not assume people were ok just because they were not crippled or missing a limb.

Jesus knows that everybody has a story and everyone needs compassion that is why He came to this earth to show us how it needs to be done.

When you see a young girl dressed in a way that you might not think is appropriate, do not assume she is sleeping around – get to know her.

When you see a family that looks like they have it together at church, do not assume they have a perfect family, they might be falling apart – get to know them.

When you see a teenager wearing headphones, do not assume they are listening to the worst music you can imagine, they might be listening to a sermon – get to know them.

When you see an elder at church that seems so devoted to religion don’t assume he has a great relationship with God, he might be struggling with his beliefs – get to know him/her.

When you see a couple crying do not assume they were fighting, they might have had a miscarriage – get to know them.

When you see a woman that is quiet do not assume she is proud or full of herself, maybe she was abused and feels ashamed – get to know her.

When you see a man that to you might act a little feminine (in your point of view), do not assume his sexuality – get to know him.

When you see a woman with children, but never see a husband/father, do not assume she is a single parent, maybe her husband is serving our country – get to know her.

When you see an older man that looks angry, don’t assume he is grumpy  so you should avoid him, maybe he just lost his wife of 50 years – get to know him.

We are not called to place judgement and assumptions on anyone. God has not given us authority to criticize or discriminate against anybody.  Our perceived supposition can not override the mandate God has left us – to reach all people.

We all have a story and it is about time we start getting to know one another to fully understand each other and maybe together we can help to become better human beings.

This world really needs people that do not assume the worst but see the best in others. You just might save a life by getting to know them, or maybe your life might be saved because someone took the time to get to know you.

Do not hastily bring into court, for what will you do in the end, when your neighbor puts you to shame? – Proverbs 25:8

Lord, please help me to always see the best in others. I do not want to let my assumptions get in the way of actually getting to know someone for who they are, someone You love dearly, someone that deserves my respect, my love, my compassion, and my time. Someone that is Your child just like me. Please give me a heart like Yours, a heart so filled with compassion that all people will be drawn to You, the author of love.


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