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Compassionate Athletes and Volunteers


Today over 48,000 runners, walkers, and others who participate with special help due to disability, from around the world, will be taking part in the ING New York City Marathon. This is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It is an event awaited by many, a dream come true, and a proud moment of their life to be a part of this awesome race! Included in those thousands are at least three people we know of who belong to the Atlantic Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These individuals are: Cinthya Sandoval, Jeovanny Fernandez, and Juan Ramirez. We are excited you guys are part of this awesome event and we know you are going to do a great job!

To all professional & amateur athletes participating today: have fun, be proud, believe you can achieve what you set your mind to, and live this race wholeheartedly!

Also participating in this event are thousands of compassionate volunteers. Included are close to a thousand volunteers from within the Atlantic Union Conference. These amazing volunteers have been up early and have given of their time to make a this event successful. Today these volunteers will be the heart, the hands, and the feet of Jesus to everyone they interact with.


Thank you athletes:

  • Thank you for using your God-given gifts.
  • Thank your for running for a cause and being compassionate.
  • Thank you for representing Christ.
  • Thank you for being willing to be a part of something big to show that all things are possible.


Thank you volunteers:

  • Thank you for being compassionate.
  • Thank you for giving of your time.
  • Thank you for showing Jesus to thousands today.
  • Thank you for being the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus.


To participate in future compassion events, check out:




*if by any chance you belong to the Atlantic Union Conference, and I forgot to include your name as one of the runners in the ING NYC marathon, please send me a message to correct it.

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