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Children’s Church – Nov 2, 2013

Childrenschurch11-2-13Today we had children’s church at South Lancaster Academy. My kids have been looking forward to this day for the past few weeks. The last time there was children’s church, we could not make it as we were out of town, so this time we were not going to miss it.

It was a beautiful day for church, the sky was so blue, I could feel God smiling down on us, enjoying every moment of seeing us excited about church. He loves to see us full of joy!

When we arrived the kids were given a name tag with their name on it, and were then directed to their Sabbath School class. They saw many of their school friends, it made them feel right at home.


Here are some of the things they did during Sabbath School:

  • color
  • sit in a circle, rip pieces off a toilet paper roll, and the amount of pieces they had ripped was the amount of things they had to say about themselves
  • listen to the story of Daniel
  • made a Lion out of a paper plate

After Sabbath School, the kids were led downstairs to the chapel room to have worship together. Here they sang songs, praised God, clapped, smiled, jumped, saw puppets, and heard Pastor Heather talk about being strong, and how God made each one of us strong. My kids were blessed and so was I.

It was a great day seeing friends and family have fun together worshipping God. My kids can’t wait for the next children’s church!




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