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Unapologetically You!

Not everyone will be happy with your abilities, your creativeness, your motivation, your enthusiasm, your view of making a difference in society, your perception of a better world. They will try to discourage you and tell you that you don’t have what it takes and will make you doubt yourself. They will be unhappy and [...]

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Being a Good Person

Growing up I used to think that being a good person meant behaving in a way that made other people happy. As long as they were happy I was a good person. As long as they were pleased with my behavior, and I stayed quiet and smiled, I was a good person. As long as [...]

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Face your fears

Being hesitant and not trying something new because of fear of failing is also failing because you will never discover your full potential, you will never experience all the wonderful things God has envisioned for you. You will never know what you are capable of and what He can do through you. When we face [...]

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The world needs you…

There is no one else like you, who thinks like you, or can touch the world the same way as you. The world needs you to be who God envisions you to be not who someone else thinks you should be. #beyou #unique #special #nooneelselikeyou #joannecortes #smile #dontbeafraid #nofear #bold #courageous #fearless #be #you #envision [...]

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God will never…

God will never force you to fulfill your purpose but will empower you to achieve it. He will never hinder you from reaching your full potential but will encourage you and cheer you on. He will never stop you from going outside the box, outside the norms, but rather is pleased when you do so [...]

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Say Something Nice

Sometimes we go by our day without saying something nice to someone. We are so busy that we don’t even realize how much something nice can help encourage, empower and energize someone’s day. Today I challenge you to say nice things to 3 people without expecting anything in return. Just be nice and smile! You [...]

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Remember Who Called You!

"For God's gifts and calling never change" Romans 11:29    God called and anointed David regardless of human opinion.  David's Father did not think God would use him, and only thought of him when there was no other choice. Prophet Samuel could not see David's calling. He was more concerned about appearance and stature, for [...]

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Do Not Let Gender Roles Define You

Using gender roles to define what a man or woman can do, is missing the point of why God created us in the first place. God never intended for women to solely remain at home, take care of the children, the husband, and the home (not that there is anything wrong with it, I have [...]

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