God will never…

God will never force you to fulfill your purpose but will empower you to achieve it. He will never hinder you from reaching your full potential but will encourage you and cheer you on. He will never stop you from going outside the box, outside the norms, but rather is pleased when you do so [...]

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I know you are frustrated, concerned, disappointed, disillusioned and discouraged by the behavior of some Christians. I know they claim to be disciples of Jesus yet display attitudes which are judgmental, condescending, discriminatory, hypercritical, disapproving, unaccepting, and unloving. I know they claim to be humble and meek yet use power, fear and manipulation to obtain [...]

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Let Women Lead

The misconception that a woman cannot lead has given many women the option to deny their calling, ignore their potential, and dismiss their purpose in life. This has resulted in many women unfulfilling their God given gifts, talents, and calling. Please do not make the mistake of enabling this misconception and denying women their call [...]

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Would You Still Follow Him?

Jesus defended a woman who was about to be stoned when it was shameful to do so. Jesus approached and touched lepers when it was reprehensible to do so. Jesus healed the sick on the Sabbath when it was unacceptable to do so. Jesus gave sight to a blind man when it was seen as [...]

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More than Good Looks!

Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, cute, good-looking, sexy, fine, stunning, sweet, hot... Ladies, do these words sound familiar? Yes, these are some of the names people use to define us. But the most awesome thing is that we are not limited to those names. We are also... strong, intelligent, smart, sophisticated, courageous, fearless, authentic, bold, focused, [...]

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Be A Hero Of Faith

God doesn’t care what people say about you. He is not interested in the labels placed on you or how they characterize you. He knows exactly who you are. He has chosen you and called you His own. You are His child and no matter what anyone says or does, nothing will change that. Rahab, [...]

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Teach our boys…

Let us teach our boys to love and respect all people. Show them how to value women and empower them to follow God’s calling. Educate them to be influencers and leaders of change. Guide them to be compassionate, kind and loving. Instill in them the desire to be a reflection of Jesus everywhere they go! [...]

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