I Should Be…

She should be in the kitchen. She should know how to cook. She should be a little more ladylike and not so much like a tomboy. She should have long nails that show her femininity. She should be graceful in the way she sits. She should walk and not run. She should have long hair. [...]

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Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) with Andrews University. About a month ago, in my preaching class, we were all required to preach a sermon in-front of the class. Mind you, this is a class pretty much full of preachers who usually preach every week. So as you can imagine, I [...]

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Unapologetically You!

Not everyone will be happy with your abilities, your creativeness, your motivation, your enthusiasm, your view of making a difference in society, your perception of a better world. They will try to discourage you and tell you that you don’t have what it takes and will make you doubt yourself. They will be unhappy and [...]

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Speak Up…

Dear Non-hateful Friend, We need to speak up. We must talk louder about love and against hatred. We must condemn any conduct and speech that is discriminatory, hateful, misogynistic, and racist regardless who tries to normalize this behavior. We must call out all nationalist, supremacist and alt-right ideologies for what they are... racist. We cannot [...]

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Being a Good Person

Growing up I used to think that being a good person meant behaving in a way that made other people happy. As long as they were happy I was a good person. As long as they were pleased with my behavior, and I stayed quiet and smiled, I was a good person. As long as [...]

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Face your fears

Being hesitant and not trying something new because of fear of failing is also failing because you will never discover your full potential, you will never experience all the wonderful things God has envisioned for you. You will never know what you are capable of and what He can do through you. When we face [...]

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God will never…

God will never force you to fulfill your purpose but will empower you to achieve it. He will never hinder you from reaching your full potential but will encourage you and cheer you on. He will never stop you from going outside the box, outside the norms, but rather is pleased when you do so [...]

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I know you are frustrated, concerned, disappointed, disillusioned and discouraged by the behavior of some Christians. I know they claim to be disciples of Jesus yet display attitudes which are judgmental, condescending, discriminatory, hypercritical, disapproving, unaccepting, and unloving. I know they claim to be humble and meek yet use power, fear and manipulation to obtain [...]

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Let Women Lead

The misconception that a woman cannot lead has given many women the option to deny their calling, ignore their potential, and dismiss their purpose in life. This has resulted in many women unfulfilling their God given gifts, talents, and calling. Please do not make the mistake of enabling this misconception and denying women their call [...]

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