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Girls, we are created by God with a special ingredient, with a special essence, with a special purpose. We are made unique, courageous, and full of potential. We are not created to be seen and not heard. We are not created to be compliant and unassertive We are created to [...]


Girls… there are no limits. You can be anything you want to be. Never allow anyone to tell you, you can’t do something because you are a girl. They are just afraid of everything you are capable of. Do not let their limited vision, and conditioned thinking, stop you from [...]

I Believe You

I cannot begin to imagine what you went through. I cannot even begin to comprehend how terrified you must have been. I cannot fathom the horrific memories that consume you and have left an unhealable wound. I would never be able to grasp the fear and panic that fills your [...]

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