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ALS Challenge

We accepted the #alsicebucketchallenge from Jose Cortes Jr! Love you babe!Joanne challenged David Gillespie,Patty Gillespie, Josue Cortes, Joyce Cortes, Josh Wood Alveena Pillay, Anthony Stanyer 강동원. Jose III challenged Nadia Emma, Kasey, Jaden, Aiden, Luke H., & Mrs. Baldwin. Joel challenged: Justin, Sebastyen, Mrs.Gardner, & Josh Wood Page -withJill Carruthers Hodson Laurie Gonzalez Milliron Ollyce Gardner LeeHan Wecker    

I Am So Glad!

When I read about Jesus I can't help but define him as love. Love in its purest form. Love without selfish desire. Love that hurts when others hurt. Love that sees a need and fills it. Love that is the foundation for every action and word spoken. Love the synonym [...]

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