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Because he hates you…

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4


Have you ever felt like the devil just won’t leave you alone? that your life is just so full of problems that it seems things will never get better?

Let me tell you that the devil is jealous of you, he is so upset because you are, and have, everything he always wanted. He wants to make sure your life is so miserable and depressing that you don’t see how valuable you are. He wants you to think that you are not worthy of God’s love and mercy. He knows he is defeated but his mission is for you to feel defeated as well.

Today God wants you to know that you are royalty. You are his child. You have been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ.

– You are created in God’s image and are special. The devil has always wanted to be like God, but he never was and never will be, and he can’t handle seeing you because you are created in God’s likeness. You are special.

– You have power and authority given by God. The devil has no power or authority over you when God is with you. You can tell him to flee in Jesus’ name and he has no choice but to do as you say.

– When Jesus comes you have eternal life. The devil only has eternal destruction. He knows his time is limited and wants to do his best to take you with him.

– You have God’s Love and Mercy. You are not alone, you have hope, peace, joy and God’s awesome light! The devil is all alone surrounded by hatred, fear, desperation, envy, sadness and darkness.

– Thanks to Jesus’ Grace you have forgiveness. The devil has no second chance.

When the devil tries to send a Giant your way like David, with God you can defeat him. When you are thrown into a fiery furnace like the Hebrew boys, Jesus will be right next to you. When your ship is wrecked by a storm and you are bitten by a snake like Paul, no harm will come over you. If you are thrown into a pot of boiling oil like John, you will be protected.

Appreciate who you are. See the value you have. sometimes life can be hard but we know that with God we have hope, and a wonderful future with Him when He comes again.
You are worth more than you can even imagine.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for creating me in Your image, for loving me so much, that you gave your life for me. I am special. Thank You, for I know that when the devil tries to bother me I have the power and the authority to tell him to leave me alone. I am victorious in You. Amen.


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