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Be Awesome!⠀ Be Amazing!⠀ Be Beautiful!⠀ Be Kind!⠀ Be Loving!⠀ Be Thankful!⠀ Be Happy!⠀ Be Positive!⠀ Be Unique!⠀ Be ALL you can be holding nothing back!⠀ Be You! ❤️⠀ ⠀ Sometimes we get so caught up with everything around us that we forget how to be everything we were created to be.⠀ Today, be the [...]

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Love my Boys!

Love my boys! 😍⠀ They are growing so fast! The oldest is already as tall as me!!! 🤔 oh no!!!⠀ They are loving boys! They are strong, intelligent, thoughtful, and mischievous!!! They are super creative, talented, and have an awesome imagination!!!⠀ They have stretched my idea of what parenting should be like and given me [...]

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Never Underestimate…

Do not underestimate or diminish the voice of young people. Do not box them in as immature and clueless. Do not limit what they are capable of and the influence they may have. People who ridicule young people for voicing their opinions usually have not found their own voice yet and most likely cannot fathom [...]

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